Our focus on medicare is second to none. It’s the fastest-growing segment of insurance, and Humana embraces every opportunity to keep that success rolling for you and your clients.

Clarifying the Complex

Medicare. For the health care industry, it’s the fastest-growing segment of insurance.

Medicare. For the thousands of Americans who turn 65 each day, it’s access to the care they need, but it’s a complex system to navigate. And for sales agents, Medicare is an opportunity—both to be a part of a growing industry and to help those eligible who need your guidance. It’s a historic chance to expand your portfolio, propel your career and generate long-term revenue.

At Humana, we know Medicare. According to Laura Rowley’s book HUMANA Celebrating 50 Years of Helping People, Humana entered the Medicare market in 1987. It’s our passion and our focus—a focus that is second to none. By teaming up with Humana as a Medicare Advantage (MA) agent, you’ll have access to all the knowledge and tools we’ve built over our many years of focusing on Medicare.

Humana Medicare Advantage could potentially expand your portfolio with the opportunity to:
  • Cross-sell dental, vision, and prescription
  • Help improve coverage for the more than 55 million individuals covered by Original Medicare
  • Increase year-round selling opportunities with Dual Eligible and chronic condition (SNP) plans where available


And leverage your existing clients

Humana provides a set of tools ready to help extend your existing business into the Medicare marketplace by informing your current customers of your Medicare knowledge.

We help increase your business opportunities as a Humana Medicare Advantage agent with:

  • Resources that provide insights into those Medicare eligible in your market.
  • Newsletters for current clients featuring Medicare articles
  • Pre-approved marketing pieces designed for current clients
  • Educational Webinars, Podcasts and In-Person trainings on topics that can increase your cross-selling opportunities.


And grow your business even more

In addition to teaming up with other agents for referrals (such as financial planners or property and casualty brokers who are not in the business of writing Medicare plans), Humana has existing strategies you can leverage to help you find new clientele:

  • Becoming the Medicare resource in your community with networking groups and educational seminars
  • Advertising in church bulletins, senior centers, yellow pages, Internet
  • Leveraging Humana shared marketing pieces
  • Retail opportunities via staffing kiosks at WalMart


And start selling right now

New Medicare enrollment begins soon, so be ready to help your clients by taking these steps:

  • Obtain appropriate paperwork (amendment and consumer authorization)
  • Complete required online work (AHIP testing, other training modules)
  • Complete your Humana Certification totally online then connect with your Humana MarketPoint team.
  • Order marketing materials so that you can start marketing and selling

You can also learn more about the products Humana offers and begin your track to certification.

  • SEPT
  • OCT 1
  • OCT 15
  • DEC 7
  • JAN 1-FEB 14
  • FEB 15-OCT 14


Attend local product information meetings

October 1st

Pre-Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) begins. Start meeting with clients, making sure that no applications are mailed prior to October 15.

October 15th

Open enrollment officially begins applications can now be submitted

December 7th

Close of Annual Enrollment Period

January 1st-February 14th

Medicare Disenrollment Period

February 15th-October 14th

Clients locked into plans unless they qualify for a Special Election Period (SEP), Age-IN, or switch to a 5-star plan