How to Effectively Engage with Providers

September 4, 2018

how to engage with veteransQ&A with Matt Miller, Market Manager, Northern KY

Q:  How often do you find yourself engaging with providers?

A: As an agent, I make weekly visits to providers to ensure that my flyers are visible in their waiting areas. During each visit, I always make sure to say hello to the providers and their staff, because having a good relationship with everyone in the office is important to me.

Q: How do you select the providers that you will engage with?

A: In the Tampa market, managers will typically assign each agent with four to five primary care physician (PCP) offices. These are the offices that I will then engage with on a weekly basis.

Q: When you engage with providers, what methods do you typically use to do so?

A: The most effective means for engaging with providers is talking to every single staff member in the office and seeing if anyone is having challenges with their Humana patients or systems. As an agent, I know I can’t solve every problem; however, I can get them in touch with someone in Humana Operations who can help. My goal is to be a go-to person who does the best I can to help solve any issues or concerns that are discussed during my visits. I also look to the GTB Physician Support Book about twice a month. This has a monthly agenda with talking points about benefits, value-added services and other resources. I have found that this information is invaluable for providers and their staff. As agents, we will also often hold “meet and greets” with our providers to stay engaged. Humana Operations, agents and providers will meet throughout the year to tour new PCP offices that joined our HMO network, meet new doctors who joined an existing practice, or to just say hello to a current office that we haven’t met with in a long time.

Q: How do you ensure you are staying compliant with CMS regulations when contacting providers? Are there any best practices that you would recommend to other agents who want to engage with providers but worry about these regulations?

A: If you’re new to physician marketing, or even if you have been doing this your entire Humana career, take the “Compliant Interactions with Providers Training,” which is mandatory for any agent assigned to a provider’s office. This is a great compliance refresher on how to properly interact with physician offices. If you’re not sure of something, stop immediately and call your manager for guidance.

Q: How has your contact and engagement with providers expanded your book of business?

A:  As a new manager, I recently looked back on my past two years of sales that came from working with provider offices. I found that I had earned around 100 sales just from provider engagement. That is, I earned sales through my strong relationships with the office staff within my designated primary care physician offices who helped set up events at the office and place my marketing materials in common areas. These sales did not even include the amount of referral sales that I later received from the members who I enrolled.

Q: Can you share an example of a seminar that you’ve hosted for a provider in the past? What resources from Humana did you utilize for this seminar?

A: I have a relationship with a local church pastor who leads his church’s senior group. I present programs-in-a-box frequently at the church; however, one month I coordinated with one of my primary care physicians and the church to set up a program-in-a-box on diabetes. This was a great event for not only the provider to be a part of, but it was also helpful for the church’s seniors. Everyone was happy, and I simply facilitated the relationship.

Q: What are three things other agents should keep in mind when engaging with providers?

A: • Get to know the staff and be sure to remember their names.
• Be consistent with your visits.
• Bring valuable information to help educate the office.

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