Staying Humana Strong With Dynamic Selling Tools and Resources

October 18, 2015

With the 2018 health care enrollment period just around the corner, you need to know that you have a strong sales support system behind you to maximize your efforts and help them bear fruit.

As a Humana agent, you’re not only armed with some of the comprehensive plans on the market, you’re also provided with the tools and support to help you be successful. You’ll enjoy easy access to a wealth of dedicated resources to uncover new sales opportunities and retain and nurture existing clients. Plus, you join a community of health care professionals who are committed to helping you grow your business.

In addition to a dedicated sales representative, custom marketing materials, training and certification, and other helpful resources, Humana agents enjoy access to the following tools and information:

Agent Workbench

450x275-GettyImages-475967893You can directly access and manage your business through your personal Agent Workbench. This robust online platform enables you to:

  • Generate new quotes
  • Enroll new clients in health care and ancillary plans
  • Track quotes and applications
  • Order marketing materials and plan summaries
  • Access a Health Care Reform Resource Center
  • Explore bonus opportunities and track rewards
  • Manage issued business
  • And more!
MarketPOINT Library

MarketPOINT is your exclusive online source to reference communications, including the agent resource guides for compliance and regulation, operations and administration. You’ll also enjoy access to a searchable database for compensation, forms, cheat sheets, internal reports, product guides, projects, compliance issues and outcomes, and CMS standards.

Fast Online and Offline Enrollment Processes

Humana has worked hard to make the enrollment process as simple as possible. The preferred agent selling tools are the two electronic application options. There is an online application called “Fast App”, which can be found on Humana’s Agent Workbench, is a quick digital enrollment option that is used for consumers in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans.

There is also an offline application method for the senior market products called MAPA which can be used with a PC or iPad. Here is a quick list of your enrollment options:

  1. “Fast App” through Agent Workbench (Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements)
  2. Medicare Advantage Paperless Application (MAPA)
  3. Paper Applications via Fax (for Medicare only)
  4. Paper Applications via overnight mail (for Medicare only)

The Agent Workbench is the portal to complete applications for all under 65 products as well as all our ancillary Humana products.

Training and certification resources

With the complexity of health plans and new compliance issues surfacing every day, it’s important for all agents to stay ahead of the curve. Humana helps you strengthen your product and compliance knowledge with a wide array of resources that include:

  • Ongoing training and certifications
  • Marketing Resource Center and Marketing Materials Catalog
  • Marketing Guide Books
  • MarketPOINT University with online education courses for product, sales, certification, compliance and support
  • Educational videos and webinars to help you and your clients better understand all of our products

Humana is committed to supporting agents with best-in-class selling tools and support as they guide customers through the open enrollment process. Call 1-800-309-3163 to learn more about our industry-leading agent resources.

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