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Below is the Training Monthly Update, where Humana MarketPoint Retail Sales Learning & Development will get you the inside scoop on relevant training-related materials and live opportunities for you and your agents for the month at hand.

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Certification & Recertification are Now Open
Plan year 2020 certification and recertification feature an earlier launch date, Humana course outlines cut nearly in half, exam quick reference tool for the Humana portion of the test, and extended test time of 45 mins.

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Welcome to Enrollment HUB – What You Need to Know

During this webinar we will show you how to access and log-in to Enrollment HUB; what off-line mode is and how to use it; fill-out an SOA, enrollment application and additional forms; tips & tricks for efficiency. We will also have time devoted to Questions & Answers.

Monday 8/5   |  10 AM Eastern Time
Wednesday 8/14   |  3 PM Eastern Time
Friday 8/23   |  10 AM Eastern Time
Tuesday 9/10   |  3 PM Eastern Time
Thursday 9/19   |  10 AM Eastern Time
Friday 9/27   |  3 PM Eastern Time

Low Income Subsidy & Humana

This session explores the basics of Low Income Subsidies and how your clients may be eligible for coverage. We will discuss how LIS works and review the 2019 LIS Chart for insights on resource limits and cost shares for the various subsidy categories.  There will be discussion of how Humana’s Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans may benefit LIS recipients, and how you can assist them with Special Election Periods.

Wednesday 8/7   |  2 PM Eastern Time
Wednesday 9/4   |  10 AM Eastern Time
Wednesday 10/2   |  2 PM Eastern Time

Dual Eligible Basics & Medicaid

During this useful session, we will review the topics of Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans and Humana’s Special Care Coordination. We will cover Medicaid Eligible Plans, the availability of and enrollment in DE-SNP plans, and Special Election Periods that may impact dual eligible beneficiaries.

Wednesday 8/14   |  4 PM Eastern Time
Wednesday 9/18   |  12 PM Eastern Time
Wednesday 10/9   |  4 PM Eastern Time

Humana Vantage – Service Inquiries

During this webinar you will learn how to open and track consumer inquiries using the new “Service Inquiries” tab in the Vantage My Humana Business Center. Additionally, you will learn to manage all inquiries from the new “Service Inquiries” card on the Vantage.

NEW Job Aid: Humana Vantage – Service Inquiries Toolkit
Thursday 9/24   |  2 PM Eastern Time

Connection Hub – How to Access the tool, Leads, Contacts and Dispositions

During this webinar we will show you how to access Connection Hub. We will also show you how to manage leads and contacts and how to effectively and compliantly disposition leads.

Monday 9/16   |  3 PM Eastern Time
Monday 9/30   |  10 AM Eastern Time

Veterans Training

Gain a better understanding of Veteran healthcare (VA, Tricare, ChampVA). Confidently engage with Veterans / their loved ones about healthcare coverage and available options. This training enables you to be a better partner to Veterans.

Monday 9/16 | 11 AM Eastern Time

Email Plan-specific Sales Materials to Prospects using Digital Marketing Materials tool

The Digital Marketing Materials tool provides a way for agents to send plan-specific, CMS required sales materials via email to beneficiaries.  Once a sales presentation has been completed and materials have been reviewed, this process also allows a beneficiary to complete their enrollment application online – – all while making sure that the agent still gets full credit for the sale.  Learn how this tool can help increase your productivity and efficiency.

Friday 9/27   |  10 AM Eastern Time

Access Customer Info, Run Reports, Check Application Status all from My Humana Business Center

The My Humana Business provides quick access to your applications and policies so you can easily manage your business. This webinar will provide an overview of this tool, working with reports, and checking application status.

Tuesday 9/17   |  3 PM Eastern Time
Friday 9/20   |  3 PM Eastern Time

Humana Options for Electronic Enrollment

Humana offers multiple options for you to enroll your Medicare members electronically. We will share the strengths and limitations of each tool to assist you in making your choice.

Friday 9/13   |  10 AM Eastern Time

Help Your Members Estimate Their Drug Costs Using Pharmacy Calculator

This tool allows you to estimate drug costs, demonstrate which pharmacies can lower your member`s drug costs, and show the cost savings between name brand and generic drugs. We will show you how to use it to best serve your members.

Thursday 9/12   |  1 PM Eastern Time

Finding Doctors, Providers and Pharmacies

Stay compliant and up to date by using Find a Doctor (AKA Humana Physician Finder Plus) to find doctors, networks, primary care IDs, IPAs, specialists and pharmacies for all plan types. We will demonstrate use of this online tool as well as Q&A.

Tuesday 9/24   |  1 PM Eastern Time

Humana Vantage Agent Portal – An Agent’s Best Friend

We are making it even easier to locate marketing information, enrollment tools, and reports you need to build your business – using Humana Vantage Agent Portal.   Join us to see the newest features, how they work and how they can make a difference with your sales success.  This session is a little longer than usual – we have a lot to share.

Thursday 9/26   |  10 AM Eastern Time

Uploading Paper Applications in Humana Vantage

Take a quick tour of the feature for securely uploading paper applications through the Humana Vantage Agent Portal. Upload multiple applications at once. Also discussed will be the registration and use of secure email.

Thursday 9/19   |  1 PM Eastern Time

Video Playlist: MarketPoint Minute Videos
Check out some brief videos for quick reminders about important training and compliance topics.

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SilverSneakers is an important value added service that helps our members have healthier, more active lives.  In fact, 80% of SilverSneakers participants said that it was important in their decision to join their health plan.  Join the webinar to learn more about how SilverSneakers can benefit your members – and your book of business.

Wednesday 8/7   |  9 AM Eastern Time
Wednesday 8/21   |  3 PM Eastern Time

Individual Dental and Vision (IDV): Why Sell?

This session will discuss why agents should add IDV to their collection of plans to sell, and overview of the current plans, and how to complete an electronic enrollment using Agent Work Bench (AWB) on the Humana Vantage Agent Portal Quote and Enroll Card.

Monday 8/19   |  10 AM Eastern Time

Web Based Electronic Enrollment for Medicare Using FastApp

FastApp can be opened by clicking Enter Online Enrollment on the Quote & Enroll card in Humana Vantage. Nothing to download; no extra requests to make. We`ll demonstrate the online application process & complete an Individual Medicare Application.

Monday 9/23   |  10 AM Eastern Time

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